Monday, 21 January 2019

A Body is as a Body Does

Each and every year “weight loss” is one of the top New Years Resolutions.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a thinner, more toned body I suppose…as long as you don’t get so caught up with an unrealistic expectation of having a “PERFECT body”. Because perfect doesn’t exist. Heck, even model’s photos have to be airbrushed to disguise their imperfections.

When we make weight loss our only goal, and then it doesn’t happen fast enough, we’re bound to just give up on eating healthy or moving more. Or if we do achieve the weight loss, how long are we able to sustain it?

Today I invite you to put on your 3D glasses as you consider your body as more than just the outside. I like to say, “A body is as a body does.” Because when you think of your body MORE in terms of its functions, it’s easier to stick to your health goals.

Your body isn’t just skin deep (how you look in the mirror). Just consider all the miraculous things it can do. And, when we do, we’re far more likely to eat healthy, exercise more, and prevent the excesses of life.

Just think about all the places your body has taken you over the years. Your body is coordinated to do so many things like eat with a fork, jump over a puddle, and type super-fast on your tiny keyboards. That’s impressive when you think about it.

Your body houses the brain which allows you to think, focus, creatively brainstorm, feel emotions. Your body not only keeps you alive…it keeps you healthy and strong and allows you to live and thrive for many years. So you can enjoy all the fun things you love doing. Wow! Pretty impressive body we all have, don’t you think?

Remember that your body is more than one-dimensional. It’s more than its outside appearance. While it’s nice to look nice, the body is important for so many other reasons than your appearance. And, here’s the good news…when you focus more on your body’s function, you’ll easily attain your goals. And, in the long-run, help with the outside of your body as a side effect.

Instead of focusing on weight loss, why not focus on “ENERGY”. There are so many simple, easy things you can do that will immediately help expand your energy. And when you create more energy, you feel like moving instead of sitting. You won’t have to MAKE yourself go to the gym, with energy you simply WANT to run, bike, or take a karate class. With more energy, you think clearer so you’re more productive. You’re more patient and understanding so there appears to be less stress. Energy gives you willpower so eating healthy is easier. Energy is the key to keeping you healthy, sane, and productive….and will also give you the body you want. Stronger and more energized. A body with a smile on it’s face! (and let’s face it, we all look better with a smile on our face).

How do you expand your energy in a short period of time? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Stand up. Yes, just getting off you bum can reenergize you. Plus you’ll burn more calories 😊.
Stay hydrated. Being just 1-2% dehydrated will depress your energy and mood. Don’t like water? Just sip all day or find another (no calorie) liquid replacement such as squeezing some flavor into the water.
Take a break. With all that water, you’ll need a bathroom break. But, why not take the opportunity to walk the long way to the bathroom. Your head will come back clearer after some movement.
Power down. I’m not the only one who takes power naps. I hear from readers all the time that lay on the floor, put their head down, or retreat to the car for just a few minutes and feel as rejuvenated as when you restart your computer after a snag. It just works!
Escape. You don’t need to fall asleep to have a good (day) dream. Give yourself permission to escape for a moment when you need it. Read a short story, watch a funny video, or plan your next vacation.
Snack. If it’s been a while since you last ate, reach for a high protein snack such as a glass of milk (dairy or soy), jerky stick, cheese & apple, or a higher protein bar such as Zing, Rx, Pure Protein, or Think Thin. For energy, it’s better to eat smaller, more frequently than one or two big meals in a day.
Caffeinate. Most of us drink way more caffeine than we actually need, but we drink it all at once (or twice). Research shows (double blind studies) that we perform best when we drink just 50-100mg at one time. That’s a tiny cup of coffee. So, instead of gulping a big mug of coffee first thing in the morning, drink more water and then try smaller cups every four hours (but stop mid-afternoon).

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